Industry joins forces to clean up for Caboolture River : Unitywater

Unitywater has joined forces with contractor Pipe Management Australia (PMA) to take part in a collective Clean Up Australia Day for Business effort.


Team members from across the two organisations gathered at Centenary Lakes, Caboolture to tidy up.


The 20-strong group cleared the surrounding parkland area and launched a boat into the Caboolture River to retrieve debris from sections of the riverbank inaccessible by foot.


Among the litter collected was fast food packaging, bottles and cans, and cigarette butts.


Unitywater Chief Executive Officer George Theo said the utility was naturally committed to helping improve the environment through a range of initiatives.


“This cause is one that’s incredibly important to our organisation and our people, as is our commitment to reducing plastic waste in our waterways and limiting single use plastics,” Mr Theo said.


“The Caboolture River is also significant to us, and through the delivery of our Caboolture River Nutrient Offset Project, we’re working to stabilise the banks of the river to reduce the amount of nutrients from entering this waterway each year.


“We’re always proud to partner with those in our industry who share our passion for improving the environment, its inhabitants and our community who come to enjoy it.”


PMA Executive General Manager Phil Symons encouraged other businesses to make small changes for a bigger, positive difference for the environment.


“We manage stormwater assets across Australia’s east coast, so we constantly see how much litter makes its way into stormwater, and ultimately our rivers and the ocean,” Mr Symons said.


“When plastic litter breaks up into smaller pieces, it can remain in the environment for centuries as microplastics.


“We’re proud to work with organisations like Unitywater and Moreton Bay Regional Council to play a role in reducing plastic pollution by cleaning stormwater assets, and encourage everyone to participate in a Clean Up Australia event, and where possible, reduce, reuse and recycle.”


The event also received commendation from Moreton Bay Mayor Peter Flannery, who said he was proud to see people show up, step up and help clean up the community.


“Thousands of volunteers take part in Clean Up Australia Day in Moreton Bay each year and I was so glad to see that 2021 was no different,” Mayor Flannery said.


“We’ve relied heavily on masks and single-use items to protect us throughout the pandemic, and now it’s time for us to protect the environment and make sure these items stay out of our parks, reserves and waterways.


“I want to thank Unitywater and PMA for co-hosting an event and extend that thanks to all the amazing volunteers that pitched in for our community.”

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