Latest Covid restrictions ease from 6 am Thursday April 15

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Latest Covid restrictions ease from 6 am Thursday April 15

Queensland’s coronavirus restrictions will ease on Thursday morning after no new cases of community transmission were detected in the state.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the restrictions would be relaxed from 6:00am, slightly earlier than the initially anticipated time of midday.

Summary :

Masks will no longer be mandatory indoors except at airports, but Queenslanders will be encouraged to carry one and wear it on public transport or where social distancing is not possible

Standing will be allowed at pubs and clubs while eating and drinking

Visitors at private residences will increase to 100

Visitors will be permitted at aged care and disability care homes, hospitals and correctional facilities

Dancing at nightclubs and indoor venues will be permitted

Weddings and funerals will be allowed to host 200 guests

Outdoors there will be no restrictions on gatherings

Ticketed venues and open-air stadiums will be able to return to 100 per cent capacity

Will I still have to wear a mask

The shift back to previous advice means looser rules on wearing masks.

There will be no legal requirement to wear masks indoors — including grocery shopping, on public transport, or in restaurants and pubs when not eating or drinking.

However, Premier Palaszczuk is continuing to encourage people to carry a mask and wear it wherever they cannot socially distance.

Masks will still need to be worn inside airports and on planes — that’s an Australia-wide requirement.

Babies and children under 12 do not need to wear a mask, nor those with a physical condition or illness that makes wearing one unsuitable.

Can I visit an aged care home?

Visitors will be allowed back into aged care homes, hospitals, disability support homes and detention centres.

However, they will still have to declare if they have been in a coronavirus hotspot, overseas, or have had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 during the previous 14 days.

Temperature checks and social distancing will remain in place.

What about eating out?

From Thursday, people will once again be allowed to stand in bars and restaurants. Previously, patrons had to sit at a table to eat or drink.

Hospitality venues will still have to adhere to the one-person-per-two-square-metre rule.

Dancing will be allowed once again, but the two-square-metres-per-person rule will likely apply.

What about weddings and funerals?

Weddings and funerals will again be allowed to host 200 guests, regardless of the size of the venue.

Up to 100 people will be allowed to gather at a private home.

People can gather outside without restrictions, except for music festivals, where a COVID-safe plan will still be required.

Ticketed venues and open-air stadiums are able to operate at 100 per cent capacity.

Please remember to follow good hygiene as we all have since the pandemic and practice social distancing where possible.