RSL Queensland is enabling Queenslanders to pay their respects on ANZAC Day

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RSL Queensland is enabling Queenslanders to pay their respects on ANZAC Day

RSL Queensland is working with its vast network of 230 Sub Branches to enable all Queenslanders to pay their respects to the State’s veterans this coming ANZAC Day.


RSL Queensland State President Tony Ferris said that, as the State’s largest ex services organisation, RSL Queensland understands how critically important it is for veterans to be recognised and honoured for their service and sacrifice, and for Queenslanders to have the opportunity to pay their respects on ANZAC Day.


“ANZAC Day is Australia’s most iconic commemoration,” he said. “We are determined that – just as we did last year – COVID-19 will not stand between veterans and the grateful community they served.


“While every organisation is required to observe Queensland Health guidelines on social distancing and contact tracing, we are planning two complementary commemorative approaches which will be COVID-safe.


“Firstly, we are working with our network of 230 RSL Sub Branch to establish local community commemorations, where these can be safely conducted.


“Second, by popular community demand, we will once again enable Queenslanders to show their support through the continuation of the ‘Light Up the Dawn’ personal driveway commemorations at 6am on ANZAC Day.


“This will involve providing the public with a commemorative service they can download or stream from our website on the day, commemorative items they can use on their homes to display their support, and an extensive communication campaign to help them show that the ANZAC Spirit continues to be alive and well in these difficult times,” Ferris continued.


Mr Ferris said he – and all veterans – appreciated the public’s determination to preserve ANZAC Day traditions, including the community’s concern for the health and well-being of the State’s veterans, many of whom are elderly and therefore at higher risk from the virus.


“We are taking the necessary time and care with our Sub Branches to carefully plan local commemorative activities which preserve the health of both veterans and the public,” he said. “In coming weeks, we will publish a map of services and commemorative activities across the State on our RSL Queensland website when they are confirmed.”