Featured Place Of Interest - Wyllie Park Petrie

Tucked between the railway line and Gympie Road, Petrie, Wyllie Park is a delightful location to host a picnic catch-up.

Conveniently situated under shady trees, the playground offers a respite from the midday sun.

With swings, slide and climbing equipment, this park is ideal for toddlers and primary school aged children.

Yearning to reconnect with nature? not only does Wyllie Park have play equipment, it is also home to many beautiful trees.

Children can collect sticks, flowers, pinecones and climb around these majestic trees.

With it's shady canopies, amenities and ample parking, it is a lovely spot to have a picnic or Barbeque.

If looking for takeaways, the park is a short walking distance from the Petrie roundabout, home to a number of takeaway shops.

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