Unitywater reminds festive foodies not to feed ‘fatbergs’ this Christmas

Unitywater is reminding all festive foodies to dispose of their cooking oils and greases responsibly this Christmas and help fend off ‘fatbergs’.


Formed when fats, oils and greases congeal, cool and then harden, fatbergs have the potential to wreak havoc in household plumbing systems and cause blockages across the broader utility network.


Unitywater Executive Manager Customer Delivery Rhett Duncan said since the start of 2020, more than 500 blockages had been freed from Unitywater’s network which services the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay regions.


“Fat can combine with things like tree roots, rags and other foreign objects that get flushed through to our sewers, which have the potential to cause wastewater to back up into streets, gardens and homes,” Mr Duncan said.


“They can even overflow manholes and make a costly and unsightly mess, which is why we need everyone to stop and think before they send something hazardous down the sink.”


Mr Duncan said while it was the season to enjoy a Christmas feast with all the trimmings, there were easy ways everyone could avoid feeding fatbergs.


“Use a paper towel to soak up greases, and allow oily liquids to cool then pour into a bottle or jar and dispose of them in your garbage,” he said.


“Rather than rinse your leftovers down the drain, scrape them into the bin instead.


“Spread joy by doing the right thing and spare yourself a big fat problem.”

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