St John Ambulance Queensland

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St John Ambulance Queensland

Since 1883 St John Ambulance has been there for Queenslanders and today have diversified in to many other services you may or may not know about.

Whether you need to get to the doctors, go shopping, or are heading out socially – we’ll get you there and back. Last year, we delivered over 115,000 community transport trips across Queensland.

We understand that dependable and accessible transport is a great enabler to independence and good quality of life.

The St John service is a reliable, pre-booked and cost-effective transport solution. We transport people of all ages, backgrounds, and needs. There’s no added charges for carers and we’ve got plenty of room for walking frames or support equipment.

Transport doesn’t need to be a challenge. Whether it’s to get groceries or other household items, visiting your favourite café or catching up with friends or family – community transport services are a good alternative to public transport or other modes of transport.

Transport Services are available in Brisbane South, Brisbane North, Toowoomba, Wide Bay and Townsville.

To Find out more visit  or email or phone 1300 785 646

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