Energex : Park away from pillar boxes this party season

With party season here and suburban streets often full of reveler’s vehicles Energex is urging drivers to be aware of their green pillar boxes when parking on footpaths.

The green pillar boxes are found close to each property’s fence line in areas with underground power (pictured).

Energex’s Area Manager Kevin Lavender said each pillar box protects live electricity components and provide supply to each property and, if damaged, can pose a significant safety risk.

“Under each pillar box are cables and fuses supplying 240 volts of power to the home it sits outside,” he said.

“If a vehicle hits them, even at low speed, the live contents of the box can be exposed causing significant injury, or worse for anyone who comes in contact with it.

“So we are asking everyone parking on or near footpaths to keep a close eye out for our green pillar boxes and remain well clear of them.”

Kevin said if the worst happens and someone drives into a pillar box there’s a few things they must do to remain safe.

“If someone accidentally strikes one of our pillar boxes they should stay in their vehicle and, if they can, drive it at least 10 metres away before getting out then phone us on 13 19 62,” he said.

“If the vehicle can’t be moved off the pillar box there’s a high probability the outside of the vehicle may be live so the safest place to remain is in the vehicle and call triple zero.

“In this situation also urge anyone outside to keep well away and not to touch the vehicle.

“And in a worst-case scenario that the occupants must leave the vehicle due to fire or other life-threatening issue the safest thing to do is jump from it being very careful not to touch the car and ground at the same time.”

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