State Election 2020 : declarations underway thanks to postal votes returned before deadline

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) said declarations for successful candidates around Queensland are underway thanks to most postal votes being returned before the deadline of Tuesday 10 November.


Commissioner Pat Vidgen said there has been a huge response to promptly mailing back postal votes with more than 753,000 returned and scrutinised.


“The return of such a large number of postal votes has been remarkable, and I commend electors all around Queensland for heeding our message of mailing their vote back to the ECQ before the deadline,” Mr Vidgen said.


“Every vote is important and postal votes are crucial in many electorates where the contest is very close.


“The ECQ will declare as many successful candidates as possible where the outcome on the first preference count is clear, following the inclusion of postal, absent and declaration votes.


“However, often an absolute majority is not reached on the first preference count and a full preference count is required for a declaration to be made.


“Further declarations are expected tomorrow as preference distributions commence after the deadline for return of postal votes today.


“Electorates such as Nicklin, Whitsunday, Currumbin, Bundaberg, and Barron River are all tight contests, meaning a full preference count will play a crucial role in determining the outcome.”


Mr Vidgen said the ECQ is keen to declare as many electorates as quickly as possible but accuracy and certainty in the outcome are essential.


“Our counting teams will work late on Tuesday and Wednesday this week to ensure the outcome for outstanding electorates is mathematically certain so declarations can take place,” he said.


All the 2020 State general election declaration and result information is on the ECQ’s website at

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