The 2020 Queensland State Election Postal Vote application

The ECQ has opened postal vote applications early, from Monday, 14 September to Friday, 16 October 2020, to allow more time for electors to apply.

Postal votes will be sent to electors following the close of candidate nominations and ballot paper draw in mid-October.

Any elector can apply for a postal vote online, by calling 1300 881 665 or by returning the form by Friday 16 October.

Applications for postal voting are open now.

Anyone can apply for a postal vote.

What you need to know:

your postal vote can only be sent to you after candidate nominations close in mid-October.

complete your vote as soon as you receive it.

mail your postal vote back right away.

Enter your name and address below, exactly as they appear on the electoral roll, so that your details can be validated.

Apply for a postal vote



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