State Election 2020 : your VIC is on its way

The Electoral Commission of Queensland says voter information cards for the 2020 State general election are on their way to Queenslanders on the electoral roll.
Commissioner Pat Vidgen said the voter information cards or VICs are designed to provide information about the election and aid the voting process with a QR code containing electors’ enrolment details.

“The VIC provides electors with information about the type of election, key dates, the name of their electorate, voting options and details on where to access further election information,” Mr Vidgen said.

“The QR code makes it quicker to mark electors off the roll when they vote in person.

“Bringing a VIC when you vote is not essential: but the VIC will make it quick.

“Postal voters in the 2020 State general election will still receive a VIC so they’re aware of voting options, however electors who are registered as special postal voters will not receive a VIC.

“Voters should also be aware that, even if they have applied for a postal vote, they can still choose to go to a polling booth and vote in person. They will be marked off the roll and will only be able to vote once.”

Mr Vidgen said early voting begins on Monday 19 October from 9am to 6pm through to Friday 30 October with late night voting on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 9pm, as well as voting from 9am to 5pm on Saturday 24 October. There is no voting on Sundays.

“Election day is Saturday 31 October with voting between 8am and 6pm and all voting locations and times are on the ECQ’s website at,” he said.

Any electors planning to vote in person who do not receive a VIC are still able to vote easily at a polling booth by providing their details but may need to update their details on the electoral roll.

It’s easy to make sure you’re correctly enrolled by going to
read the Voter information card fact sheet

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