State Election 2020 : postal votes on their way

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) revealed today more than 890,000 postal votes have been printed and progressively provided to Australia Post for delivery to electors across the state.
Commissioner Pat Vidgen said the enormity of the task of getting such a vast number of postal votes to electors within the voting timeframe, can’t be underestimated. Some electors have already received their ballot, voted and returned their vote to the ECQ so it can be included in the count on election night.

“For the ECQ, it is really exciting to have the first postal votes returned well before election day and see how electors are positively engaged with our democratic processes.

“At present, around 1000 postal votes have been returned and of course, many more thousands are still in transit.”

Mr Vidgen asks postal voters to think ‘the sooner the better’ when it comes to voting and make sure they are voting correctly.

“Every box on the ballot paper must be numbered in order of preference for the vote to be counted.

“After voting, sign and witness the declaration envelope, seal the ballot paper inside and send the envelope back to the ECQ straight away.

“The ECQ must receive the votes by the deadline of 10 November to be included in the count.

“Voting is one of the most important civic duties we can undertake, and I remind Queenslanders that voting is compulsory.”

To learn more about the 2020 State general election including early voting and election day polling booth locations and times, go to
Read the ECQ’s media statements at

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