State Election 2020 : Number every box to make your vote count

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) reminds electors that when voting in the 2020 State general election, every box on the ballot paper must be numbered in order of preference, starting with one.
Commissioner Pat Vidgen said planning the way electors will have their say this election includes ensuring their ballot paper is filled out correctly and can be included in the count.

“Every vote is important, and we want every elector to have their say,” he said.

“State elections in Queensland have full preferential voting, meaning every box on the ballot paper must be numbered in order of preference starting with one.

“There are an unprecedented 597 candidates at this election with some electorates such as Mudgeeraba and Mermaid Beach with 10 names on their ballot paper, as well as Townsville and McConnel with nine; this can seem daunting when deciding who gets your vote.

“However, for your vote to count, you must preference every candidate.

“If you need help to do this – for example, if English is not your first language – then there are resources on our website and polling officials who can help you at the booth when you go to vote.”

Mr Vidgen said some political parties have chosen not to show the other party names on their how-to-vote cards, so electors should be clear about how they will allocate their preferences. Political campaigns can also bring into the public domain statements that are unproven or considered misleading. The ECQ urges voters to ‘stop and consider’ the information they receive during the election campaign.

"The ECQ is responsible for checking authorisation of election material but does not have a role in regulating the content of political advertising, other than statements about the process of voting or false statements about a person’s character or conduct," Mr Vidgen said.

“Now more than ever and in the face of an avalanche of political information, electors are having to carefully consider the way they’ll have their say.

“Every elector is free to follow a party’s how-to-vote card or to make their own preference choices.

“The key message is, to ensure your vote counts, number every box on your ballot paper starting with one.”
Read the fact sheet about Full preferential voting

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