State Election 2020 : Major Party Policies at a glance

Listed below are the major policies announced by the LNP and Queensland Labor before and during the election so far, further policies may be added as they are announced.

Summary Of LNP Policies

Headline 5 Top Policies :

Build a New Bradfield Scheme

$300 registration rebate for every registered vehicle owner

Partner with the private sector to fast track surgeries

No new taxes

Four lane the Bruce Highway and build a second M1

Jobs :

The LNP has set an ambitious unemployment target of 5 per cent, with the aim to reach it before the end of the next term of government.

Budget :

They have ruled out asset sales, tax hikes and cuts to the public service. Committed to aiming towards a Budget surplus by

about 2023-24. LNP have not yet released their costings and say how they will fund for their plan.

Crime :

An LNP government would trial a night time curfew in Townsville in a bid to crackdown on youth crime. There would be a curfew of 8pm for kids aged 14 and younger. And there would be a curfew of 10pm for kids aged 15 to 17.

They have also promised to boost Crime Stoppers’ funding by $1.5 million.


Invest in infrastructure to stimulate the economy, including four-laning of the Bruce Highway from Curra to Cairns, building the New Bradfield Scheme, building the second M1 and a $1bn south-east Queensland congestion package.

No new taxes, to grow the economy.

Establish an Economic Recovery Agency led by a Co-ordinator-General reporting directly to the Premier to fast-track the economic plan.

Deliver a budget in the first 100 days that focuses on creating jobs and stabilising debt.

Registration rebate of $300 to every car owner

$493 million plan to cut electricity bills of more than 16,000 manufacturing businesses by about 20 per cent.

Northern Australia's largest ship lift to be built in Cairns under a $20 million proposal

$25 million to partner with Gilmour Space to build a new advanced-manufacturing rocket facility. It would create 150 jobs.


Recruit 3350 new teachers and 760 new teacher aides.

Get back to basics by decluttering the curriculum to focus on English, maths and science.

Air-condition every state school classroom.

Better reading with a phonics screen check for Year 1 students.

Empower local principals, teachers and parents by continuing the independent public schools program.

$67 million for the Tropical Aquaculture Accelerator at James Cook University

$49.8 million for a CQ TAFE Centre of Excellence

Hire an extra 3350 teachers and 760 teacher aides in the next four years under a $1.05 billion commitment


$52m plan to tackle the ICE epidemic with four new rehab and detox facilities.

Hospital upgrades in Cairns and Redlands and a $2m specialist kidney transplant unit in Cairns.

$5m robotic surgery system in Townsville Hospital, providing more local surgeries.

Masterplan new hospital and health precinct on northern Gold Coast.

$300 million to fast-track surgeries through a partnership with the private sector to reduce public hospital waiting lists.

Law and Order :

A night curfew would be trialled in Townsville and Cairns in a bid to crackdown on youth crime. The curfew would be 8pm for kids aged 14 and younger, for youths aged 15 to 17, it would be 10pm. Parents will cop a $250 fine if their child is found on the streets past curfew

Fully fund more than 1000 new police and child safety officers across Queensland.

Tough new laws for gun crime, domestic violence and organised crime gangs.

Establish a public sex offender register.

Youth crime crackdown with tougher laws, 24/7 monitoring of offenders on bail and mandatory detention for third convictions.

Community Payback Farm Program to rehabilitate repeat young offenders.

New Child Protection Force will operate 24/7 and include a new team of police investigators to overhaul child safety.

Infrastructure :

Four-laning the Bruce Highway from Curra to Cairns will provide a 15-year, $33bn investment pipeline for Queensland’s biggest road.

Dam-building program including the drought-busting New Bradfield Scheme to deliver water and food security.

$1bn south-east queensland congestion infrastructure program to build new road and rail projects.

Build the Second M1 to take 60,000 cars a day off the existing M1 as part of a $1.1bn upgrade.

Establish the Queensland Infrastructure Fund which will use royalties from the Galilee Basin to fund new schools, roads and hospitals.

Duplicate the Sunshine Coast rail line.

$135 million towards a new manufacturing training facility

$120 million to upgrade exit 57 of the M1 at the Gold Coast


Open up the Galilee Basin to develop $50bn worth of projects that will support 15,000 jobs.

10-year royalty guarantee to secure more investment and jobs.

Build and own a new 2000MW hydro-electricity project as part of the drought busting New Bradfield Scheme.

Save households $300 a year by introducing retail competition to break Ergon’s monopoly.

Change legislation so mining companies can transfer dams, roads and fences to landholders to boost agricultural production and make resources sector more competitive.

$50 million trial to build roads from recycled plastic, establish a solar panel recycling industry, ban batteries and electronics from going into landfill by 2024, fast track approvals for recycling infrastructure and work with Queensland universities to establish “centres of recycling excellence”.

Other Policies :

Scrap the luxury car tax

$50 million to cyclone proof homes

$14 million to sterilise cold-chain experts at the Brisbane Markets

$50 million to promote regions

Preferences :

The LNP controversially declared the party would preference Labor last across the state,  in effect this would put the Greens above Labor.

Summary Of Queensland Labor Policies

Headline 5 top policies :

Build a second M1

Introduce legislation to legalise euthanasia

Hire 9,475 frontline health staff

No new taxes

Hire 2,025 new police personnel by 2025

Jobs :

economic recovery plan  will support 55,000 jobs.

Budget :

Labor has promised to fund their pledges with $4bn in borrowings. They have also ruled out asset sales, tax hikes and cuts to the public service.

It is yet to release its costings.

Crime :

Labor want's to hire an extra 2025 police personnel over the next 5 years in what they say is the biggest investment in 30 years.

At least 150 new officers would be deployed to each region across the state.


Continue to deliver Queensland’s plan for economic recovery including a $50bn infrastructure guarantee — maintaining the current state infrastructure investment program at $51.8bn over the next four years.

Support 700 jobs through building the second M1.

Local manufacturing and local jobs with $40 million to deliver new hubs in advanced manufacturing

$500m Backing Queensland Business Investment Fund

$140 million for Big plans for Small Business strategy, which includes small business grants.

$600 million to build 20 new trains, as part of a $1 billion pipeline of works


Initial $20 million program to fund teacher internships

$100 million for Queensland schools so that students can access professional support

Pilot program for GPs in school, initially in 20 schools

120 homework hubs in local schools

Build nine more schools in addition to 13 already opened.

We have tripled school infrastructure spending since 2015.

We have hired 6000 new teachers and 1500 new teacher aides

Free TAFE qualifications and apprenticeships for under 25s in 26 priority areas including agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, early childhood education.

Free apprenticeships for 139 priority qualifications in aviation, electrical, automotive fields.

$100m for TAFE expansions

$1 billion to modernise state schools including building new multi-purpose halls, classrooms and carparks.

$45 million to build and upgrade industry linked training facilities and trade centres at 26 schools.

More than 6000 teachers to be hired over four years under a $2.2 billion commitment


Introduce legislation for voluntary assisted dying with a conscience vote

$171 million in new palliative care plan

We are delivering an expansion at Logan Hospital that will create an additional 206 beds.

We are delivering an expansion at Caboolture Hospital that will create an additional 130 beds.

Planning for major expansions at The Prince Charles, Redlands, Townsville University, Cairns, Mackay, Bowen and Moranbah hospitals.

Plans to employ an extra 9475 frontline staff over four years, including 5800 nurses and 475 paramedics

$265 million over four years for community hospitals in seven regions, including Bribie Island, the Redlands, Gold Coast and Ipswich

Law and Order :

Deliver 2025 extra police personnel over five years.

Roll out 25 mobile Police Beats.

Establish a Police Link call centre in Townsville.

Build a new $30m police facility in Kirwan.

Fully funded police positions including the equipment police need.

Infrastructure :

Build a "second Bruce Highway" from Charters Towers to Mungindi

Continue to deliver Queensland’s plan for economic recovery including a $50bn infrastructure guarantee — maintaining the current state infrastructure investment program at $51.8bn over the next four years.

Support 700 jobs through building the second M1.

Continue to improve Queensland roads including the Bruce Highway with $12.6bn in projects being delivered right now.

Deliver important community infrastructure like Browne Park in Rockhampton, Harrup Park in Mackay and the Cairns Convention Centre.

Deliver more than $400m in new, accelerated funding for Queensland roads.

$566,000 for basketball stadium announcement in Townsville

$20 million commitment toward Stage 1 of the Sunshine Coast Stadium redevelopment.

$600 millon Works for Queensland package

$280 million Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme

$500 million for the M1


A five-year freeze on the royalty framework for LNG producers.

Three-year royalty freeze for coal miners.

Deliver another $145m to unlock three Queensland renewable energy corridors across Queensland — north Queensland, central Queensland and south-west Queensland.

Continued protection of the Great Barrier Reef and the jobs it supports through programs such as Reef Assist, new reef protection regulations, the Land Restoration Fund and banning single-use plastics.

Will underwrite additional multi-million dollar costs for the next phase of the proposed Copperstring 2.0 power line

Other Policies :

$30 million plan to support Surf Lifesaving Queensland over the next four years

Plans to purchase back old Aurizon workshops in Rockhampton

Preferences :

Labor, as is tradition, placed One Nation last on its how-to-vote cards.

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