State election 2020 : democracy sausages back on the menu, but caution required

The Electoral Commission of Queensland said fundraising activities will proceed at voting venues for the upcoming election, including the sale of the iconic ‘democracy sausage’.


Electoral Commissioner Pat Vidgen said it was great to see the return of the Australian favourite for the 2020 State general election period but reminded electors that all COVID-19 health requirements were still relevant.


“Fundraising activities at election time are often an important activity for community organisations and schools,” he said.


“During the March local government elections, the emergence of COVID-19 meant democracy sausages and cake stalls were put on hold; fortunately, we are in a much better place now.


“However, the onus is on the fundraising organisers and volunteers to ensure they are following the relevant COVID-19 guidelines.”


“The ECQ has developed an Election Service Plan that details how voting venues remain COVID-safe and ensures electors can move through the voting process easily and safely.


“This means any fundraising activities must provide clear access for electors to and from the voting venue, and practice social distancing, good hand hygiene and regular cleaning.”


Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said as long as everyone follows the rules, it would be safe to vote.


“While many across the state would have already voted before election day, those in the community going out to vote have a few things to keep in mind.


“As always, if you’re sick, stay home.


“Take your voter information card with you, and your own pen or pencil.


“Remember to social distance, think two big steps apart from other people, and leave the venue right after voting.


“We’ve made great progress across the state over the past few months, but it is critical not to get complacent.”


Sausage sizzles are considered a take-away food venue and are required to comply with the Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction.


Organisers will need to follow the Industry Plan for Food Services. More information is available at


A democracy sausage sizzle does not require an event checklist, unless it’s part of a bigger event involving other activities.


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