Queensland Election 2020 : Electorate Profile Kurwongbah

Kurwongbah is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland from 1992 to 2009, and will be contested again at the next Queensland state election.

The district was based in the outer northern suburbs of Brisbane. Prior to its abolition, it included the suburbs of Kurwongbah, Bray Park, Eatons Hill, Samsonvale and Strathpine. The seat was first contested at the 1992 state election, essentially as a reconfigured version of Pine Rivers.

In 2008, Kurwongbah was abolished—with effect at the 2009 state election—as a result of the redistribution undertaken by the Electoral Commission of Queensland. It was replaced by a recreated Pine Rivers, which is very similar in form to the old Kurwongbah.

In the 2017 redistribution, Kurwongbah was created again, largely replacing the abolished seat of Kallangur.

Result 2017 : Labor's recorded two-party preferred majorities at all 16 polling places used in 2017, its worst result 52.5% at the Genesis Christian College in Bray Park, its best 66.0% at the small external polling place at Pine Rivers State High in Strathpine.

Below all candidates in order of the Ballot paper

Election Numbers

Pre Poll Votes for Monday 19 : 879

Earl Snijders - Greens

Party Website https://greens.org.au/qld  contact Earl Snijders via  email  earl.snijders@qld.greens.org.au or via facebook at https://facebook.com/Earl-Snijders-Greens-for-Kurwongbah-113275300532255

I have lived in the area for 30 years with my wife and family. I'm a chef and have worked in the hospitality industry for many years.

I'm passionate about sustainability, especially with regards to planning and development. Over the years, I have become increasingly concerned with the lack of sustainability and the short-term thinking our elected representatives have presented in both policies and action.

Post COVID-19, we have a real opportunity for change and renewal. I'm excited to support the Greens fully costed plan for Queensland's future.

We can tackle climate change, and create thousands of jobs in construction, manufacturing and publicly owned renewable energy. We can have genuinely free, world-class public education and more accessible local GP and health services. And we can do all of this by making the billionaires pay their fair share.

Let's build a movement for meaningful change and a modern Queensland that leaves nobody behind.

Thor Prohaska - Independent

Campaign Website https://sites.google.com/view/independent4kurwongbah/home Contact Thor Prohaska via phone 0473 223 480 or via email thor@dicksonreps.net or via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kurwongbahreps

Thor Prohaska is a Business Analyst who has lived in the Kurwongbah electorate with his family for 17 years. He has a long standing interest in why democracy is not functioning as expected for the majority and what needs to be done to make it work properly. He has stood as a candidate for federal and state parliaments 6 times since 2013.

He says that your elected representative should vote in parliament on Bills & Legislation how the majority in the electorate want. Not how they, or their party or donors & mates want. To do this he has developed a Direct / Representative model that combines the strengths of both the direct & representative forms of Democracy while addressing their shortcomings. This video gives an overview of his plan https://youtu.be/hy_OkaN6QEI

Thor is so sure that he can do this he has signed a statutory declaration legally pledging to vote how the voters of Kurwongbah want or go to jail. https://sites.google.com/view/independent4kurwongbah/democracy-pledge

A vote for Thor is a vote for Real Democracy!

Kerry Petrus - LNP

Party Website http://lnp.org.au Contact Kerry Petrus via web https://lnp.org.au/kerry-petrus/ or via email kurwongbah@lnpq.org.au or via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KerryPetrusLNP/

Kerry Petrus is a dedicated local who has the passion and drive to stand up and deliver for the Kurwongbah community.

For over 12 years, Kerry has tirelessly dedicated her time as a secondary teacher, most recently at local schools such as Arethusa College and Redwood College. Kerry’s knows the importance of education, and the need to get our curriculum back to basics and provide foundational skills necessary to success.

Kurwongbah needs a strong voice in Parliament, and Kerry will fight for locals on the issues that matter. Like many locals, Kerry is concerned with rising cost of living and increasing crime in our community. Even before coronavirus, Queensland had the worst economy in the country thanks to Labor’s mismanagement.

Kerry is a proud member of Deb Frecklington’s team, and is committed to the LNP’s plan to get Queensland working again

Heather Dwane - Animal Justice Party

Kim Attrill - One Nation

Party Website https://www.qldonenation.org.au/ , reach Kim Attrill via facebook https://www.facebook.com/kimattrill.PHON/,


My name is Kim Attrill & I am your local candidate for the upcoming QLD State election in October 2020 representing Kurwongbah for Pauline Hansen’s One Nation Party.
I am a local Business owner, Bookkeeper, BAS Agent & JP who has lived & worked all over Australia. I was born in QLD & have lived in the area for 11 years. I am not happy with what I am seeing in the QLD Parliament, therefore I am standing up as a regular person from the private sector to bring back some common sense for real people. I stand with One Nation because I believe people should come before politics.
The focus of my campaign will be Crime, Education, Roads & Town Planning but I would like to hear from you to address your concerns & bring them to the forefront so I can go in to fight for what all Kurwongbah residents & QLD’ers want.
I will be posting regular updates & photo’s so keep an eye on my FB page for the latest information.
You can also contact me through my FB page via messenger, phone, email, or post. I will also be out in our community so if you see me around, let’s stop and have a chat.
Change can only begin by taking the first step so let’s take it together.

Shane King - Labor (Incumbent)

Party Website https://www.queenslandlabor.org/ or contact Shane King email kallangur@parliament.qld.gov.au or via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ShaneKingMP/

All candidates have been given an opportunity to participate and at the time of publishing, no copy available

Shane King MP, the newly elected State Member for Kallangur, is a local from Kallangur having moved there from neighboring Bray Park in 1994.

Shane attended High School at Pine Rivers High before commencing an apprenticeship as an Electrical Fitter Mechanic with QEC (now Powerlink).

After qualifying as a tradesperson he has enjoyed a long career in the Power and Energy industry, in particular in high voltage, having held positons as a Substation Electrical Fitter, Mechanic, High Voltage Switching Operator, Maintenance Planner, Substation Site Supervisor, Safety and High Voltage training Officer and a Senior Site Facilitator.

He has worked the majority of his life all across Queensland in the Electricity Supply Industry but has also worked in rural and remote Australia for Rio Tinto in their Western Australian Iron Ore mines.
Shane has tertiary qualifications in Occupational Health and Hygiene as well as Certificate IV qualifications in Frontline Management, Training and Assessing and Workplace Health and Safety and he possesses a keen interest in worker safety. He is a long time Workplace delegate for the Electrical Trade Union, providing advice and guidance to the many members of the union in his various workplaces.

He is an avid motoring enthusiast and owner of several old Australian cars and also enjoys motorcycling both on and off road.

In his spare time Shane loves playing and collecting guitars and supporting his wife Angela who is an active member of the volunteer rural fire brigade and his son Ben who is an up and coming Rugby league player for the Colts as well as an Apprentice Electrician.

Shane joined the Labor Party soon after becoming involved in the ‘Your Rights at Work’ campaign. This successful campaign and then ‘Not for Sale’ campaign against the sale of public assets like the Electricity Supply corporations in which he worked, gave Shane the drive to put his name forward for election.
In January 2015 he became the State Member for Kallangur.

Shane is currently the Chair of the Parliamentary Utilities, Science and Innovation Committee.

Polling Booths

Bray Park : Bray Park State School5 Hopetoun Street BRAY PARK 4500

Bray Park West : Bray Park State High School27-37 Lavarack Road BRAY PARK 4500

Brisbane CBD : Brisbane City Hall, Sandgate Room - 64 Adelaide Street BRISBANE

Burpengary : Burpengary Community Complex111 Station Road BURPENGARY 4505

Burpengary Early Voting Centre : Burpengary Office7/5 N Shore Dr Burpengary 4505

Burpengary South : Burpengary State Secondary College196 Pitt Road BURPENGARY 4505

Burpengary West : Burpengary State School35 Station Road BURPENGARY 4505

Kurwongbah : Kurwongbah State School2-16 Eacham Street PETRIE 4502

Lawnton : Lawnton State School44-60 Todds Road LAWNTON 4501

Narangba : Narangba State School Knights Road NARANGBA 4504

Narangba Valley : Narangba Sporting Complex164-168 Harris Avenue Narangba 4504

Narangba West : Narangba Valley State School59-85 Creekside Drive NARANGBA 4504

Petrie : Petrie School of Arts Community Centre1018 Anzac Avenue PETRIE 4502

Returning Officer Kurwongbah : Kurwongbah Office290 Bruce Hwy Eastern Service Rd Burpengary East 4505

Warner : Genesis Christian College10 Youngs Crossing Road BRAY PARK 4500

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Candidate Count Percentage
Queensland Greens
2317 7.39%
721 2.30%
Liberal National Party of Queensland
8460 26.98%
DWANE, Heather
Animal Justice Party (Queensland)
787 2.51%
Pauline Hanson's One Nation Queensland Division
2834 9.04%
Declared: KING, Shane
Australian Labor Party (State of Queensland)
16243 51.79%
Total Formal Votes 31362 96.34%
Total Informal Votes 1192 3.66%
Total Votes 32554
      Data from Official First Preference Count

About Percentage Counted

Percentage counted is based on the percent of enrolled electors counted in each count. In the Unofficial Indicative Count and Official Distribution of Preferences Count only formal votes are counted.
Voting Method: Attendance Ballot
Voting System: Compulsory Preferential Voting
Percentage of enrolled electors counted: 88.72% counted
Enrolment: 36,693
Last Updated: November 12 2020 9:13 AM

Elected Candidate

Elected Candidate: KING, SHANE RODERICK
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