Energex urges customers reliant on powered medical equipment to be prepared for summer storms/cyclones

Energex is urging customers who rely on advanced medical equipment to have a plan in place for unexpected power outages, especially with severe storm season upon us.

This includes ensuring their electricity retailer has up-to-date contact details and having a “Plan B” in place.

Manager Customer Operations Cloe Kernick said at this time of year everyone should be prepared for the disruptions wild weather can cause, particularly anyone whose health is reliant on electricity supply.

“Summer is notorious for severe weather and, while we have a very robust power network in Queensland, lightning, high winds and flooding can interrupt the electricity supply,” Ms Kernick said.

“This is why it’s ideal for anyone in need of powered health equipment to have a comprehensive plan in place enabling them to get through the period without electricity or enough time to seek medical assistance.

“This should include calling their electricity retailer or Energex on 13 19 62 to ensure their latest contact details are up to date. This way we have the right details should we need to contact them.

“It’s also ideal these customers speak to their GP to put a plan in place should their home be without power for an extended period such as knowing where their closest hospital or medical facility is or going to a friend or family member’s house that still has power.”

Customers can find more information on how to prepare for power interruptions by searching for ‘life support’ at www.ergon.com.au.


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