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How Can We Help?

We run a range of community and residential programs across Queensland, helping thousands of people each year deal with alcohol and drug problems and move forward in life.

All of our services are delivered professionally, and in confidence. Our support is free, though our residential services incur a small charge.

Check out our program areas below and see if you can find one that suits your needs. If not, give us a call on 1300 727 957 and we can discuss how we can best help out.


Get Counselling

Are alcohol or drugs becoming a problem? We can help…  Our professional team can help you to break the cycle of alcohol or drug misuse, regain control of your life and reach your potential to enjoy a full and rewarding life.

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Withdrawal Support

A team of professional counsellors and a registered nurse can help guide you through the withdrawal process with holistic care, with facilities purposely designed to provide a safe, welcoming environment for supported day recovery.

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Live-In & Recover

We believe in a community approach to recovery … We operate three residential rehabilitation services in Queensland, offering affordable live-in programs for people experiencing serious problems with drugs and alcohol.

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Day Programs

Live-in residential recovery isn’t for everyone. Life’s commitments may make it impossible, or maybe it just doesn’t suit. This is why we provide day programs as a more accessible means of structured recovery.

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It’s not possible for everyone to reach our services due to a number of factors. You may live too far away, transport may be an issue or you may feel more comfortable meeting in a location where you feel safe and at home. Our outreach services mean we can come to you.

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Mental Health

Our wide variety of mental health programs allow us to provide easily accessible services so that people who may otherwise be reluctant can get the support they need.

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Indigenous Programs

We acknowledge and pay respect to the people and their land that we connect with … We work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to help them overcome drug and alcohol problems and bring about a sense of wellbeing.

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Concerned about a loved one? When someone you care about has a problem with alcohol or drugs it can be overwhelming. It could be your parent, sibling, child, partner, or friend. We have a range of programs that can provide you with information and tools to better support your loved one and cope with their recovery.

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Young People

Drugs or alcohol starting to take hold? We can help… Most young people will experiment with drugs or alcohol at some stage, however for some, drinking and drug taking can become a problem. Our staff are specifically trained and experienced to help you work out what’s going on, giving you the support you need to get your life back on track.

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Diversion Programs

We believe passionately that people can change … We work with police, courts and prisons to provide assessments, counselling and support to help offenders address their drug and alcohol problems. These programs only work with people referred to us through the justice system. You cannot self refer.

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Medical Services

A range of specialist services all under one roof at the Lives Lived Well Specialist Centre… our centre is a general medical practice and a specialist centre with GP services and on-site psychologists and psychiatrists.  With various services offered under the one safe roof, people who have a range of health care needs can avoid the run around and hassle of visiting many different centres.

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Find A Service

We have services state-wide, reaching out to all Queenslanders. We run a range of programs and services throughout Queensland, including outreach to some surrounding areas. We also offer phone counselling to all Queensland areas during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.  Phone 1300 727 957.

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