Caboolture Radio Club (Amateur Radio - VK4QD)

The town of Caboolture is located in a semi rural area approximately 45km north of Brisbane city and 20km west of Bribie Island and Moreton bay and was first settled in 1842.

Founded in 1992 and incorporated in 1999, the Caboolture Radio Club shares approximately 5ha (12 acres) with the Caboolture Scouts on Department of Natural Resources land.

Housed in a WWII military building the club is active in providing communications for various community events and groups including The Caboolture Scouts, various sporting car clubs and rally organisations, horse endurance rides and cycling events. We also have fun during field days and various on air contests.

Our logo shows the importance of the history of the area with the Caboolture River shown in the foreground, which was used by the timber getters of the 1800's and 1900's. The timber getters floated red cedar logs from the D'Aguilar Ranges to the coast for shipping to various parts of Queensland. The area in between depicts the area the pastoralists used for growing sugar cane and cotton amongst other things.

The significance of the carpet python is the most important aspect of our logo, as the township of Caboolture derived its name from the Brisbane Aborigines, and is pronounced Kabul-tur, which means place of the carpet pythons. Although plentiful in the area, the carpet python is a harmless, non-poisonous snake, reaching a length of four metres or more.

169 Smiths Road CABOOLTURE.
Big Breakfast includes Bacon & Egg Rolls,
Sausages, Soft Drinks, Tea/Coffee etc.etc.
Plenty of parking space right at the venue.
Tables available now at $10 each.

Please book your table as soon as possible.
Opening time - Exhibitors 0700
- Public 0830
Entry is $5.00 per head.
Hope to see you there.
Enquiries Email the radio club

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