Winter chill means check your heaters : Energex

With plenty of people dragging their heating appliances out of storage for the expected cold weather Energex is urging the community to check them and use them safely.

Energex Safety Advisor Kevin Hore said winter heating appliances are often pushed to the back of cupboards or in garages for most of the year and before being used they should be thoroughly checked over for damage or faults.

“For the majority of us Queenslanders we’re lucky enough to only have a short period of really cold days which often means our heaters and electric blankets spend most of their lives pack away out of sight,” Kevin said.

“The problem with this is when they’re in storage they can easily get knocked about by other items being stacked on or around them or even become damaged by rodents who love to chew through electric cords.

“So, we’re asking people to take a close look at heating appliances for any obvious signs of damage before plugging them in and if any faults are found or they trip the house safety switch when you turn them on, they should be either repaired or thrown away.”

Kevin also said using heaters in the wrong place could create a serious safety risk, including potential electrical shocks and fires.

“One of the biggest safety risks when setting up a heater is placing it too close to flammable items such as couches, curtains or beds,” Kevin said.

“Also be aware that any unattended heater could easily get knocked over by a child or pet, so if you leave the room it’s good practice to switch it off.

“Electricity and water don’t mix, so using heaters in bathrooms or other wet areas where one slight knock could see the appliance fall in or become splashed by water is potentially deadly.”

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