Featured place of interest is Beachmere South Reserve

Another great place in our beautiful region

At the end of Biggs Road in Beachmere is South Reserve Park also known as Moreton Terrace Park. Great place for a visit, with picnic table, Barbecue, amenities and amazing views of Moreton Bay.

Low tide is a dog's playground as they explore the sand flats with their owners.

Support the local businesses, grab a coffee or snack and enjoy the views from a number of rest areas along the foreshore.

Lovely flat walk long boardwalk and sandy track taking around 1.5 hours return, through mangroves and out to Caboolture river mouth. Broad views across Morton Bay, shady and easy. At the board walk end cross the dog off-leash area and you see the sandy path begin, follow your walk through the mangroves at high tide or take the beach, however, the track remains in the mangroves for the most. You end at the point of the Caboolture River.

Swimming, Bird Watching, Picnic Facilities BBQ,  Dogs Permitted, Coastal activities are available plus Toilets are onsite.

Getting there:

Start at Kunde St off Biggs Avenue, Beachmere and walk along the breakwall boardwalk heading south or you can drive to the end of Biggs Road and park there.  You'll find toliets and BBQ here.

At the boardwalk end cross the dog off-leash area and you'll see the sandy path begin, follow the well-defined track through the mangroves at high tide or low, or take the beach, however, the track remains in the mangroves for the most.

You'll end at the mouth of the Caboolture river.

A nice easy sheltered walk along the beach flats, with sweeping views across Moreton bay from Bribie Island to Scarborough.Good to note this a dog off-leash area, but they are to busy chasing soldier crabs to bother you.

Look for nesting Rainbow lorikeets, cubby houses and little private spots to lay a towel or picnic blanket.

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