Relaxation of restrictions in Queensland begins Saturday May 16

As the curve begins to flatten more and less then 1 to 1 transmission rate of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic so begins the easing of restrictions.

In short these are the boundaries we need to observe while still keeping the social distancing measures of keeping 1.5 metres away from each other, should you have a cough or fever or symptoms of illness then you should avoid being in public and remain self isolated.

Always remember to wash your hands after a cough, going to the toilet for at least 20 seconds.

So the easing of restrictions include :

Gatherings and travel:

Gatherings at home of 5 people other then the usual people in your home

Gatherings of 10 people at outdoor non contact activity, personal training, pools (both indoor and outdoor), Public spaces and lagoons, parks and playgrounds, skate parks, outdoor gyms, libraries, weddings, hiking and recreational activities in state and national parks, places of worship.

Funerals have have 20 people indoors or 30 people outdoors.

Recreational travel up to 150 km's from your home

Retail Shopping:

10 people allowed for dining in restaurants, cafe's, pubs, registered and licensed clubs Note: no bars or gaming, open homes and auctions.

Precautions for beauty therapy, nail salonsĀ  and hotels with (Covid Safe Checklist).

Outback areas:

29 people max allowed for dining in restaurants, cafe's, pubs, registered and licensed clubs, RSL clubs and hotels (Must show proof of residence) Note: no bars or gaming.

Recreational travel up to 500 km's from your home.

All students return to school of all ages from Monday May 25.


On 8th May 2020, the National Cabinet released a roadmap for relaxing COVID-19 restrictions. The roadmap includes three 'steps' that will be introduced one after the other, as decided by state and territory jurisdictions based on their local conditions. National Cabinet has announced their intention to reach Step 3 by July 2020.


5 visitors allowed at homes
Outside of homes, gatherings of up to ten people allowed
Libraries, community centres, playgrounds and boot camps open
Eased restrictions on local and regional travel
More businesses open - including retail, restaurants and cafes


Outside of homes, gatherings of up to 20 people allowed
More businesses opened for up to 20 people - gyms; beauty therapists; cinemas, theatres and amusement parks; galleries and museums
Some interstate travel allowed


Gatherings of up to 100 people allowed
Return to the workplace encouraged
More businesses opened for up to 100 people - food courts, saunas and bathhouses.
All interstate travel allowed
International travel and mass gatherings over 100 people remain restricted

Being able to progress through stages will depend on frequent reviews, and for transmission of the virus to remain very slow, with enhanced contact tracing and testing ability maintained. Australians have been encouraged to maintain physical distancing when in public, good handwashing and cough hygiene, and to stay at home if unwell.

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