Moreton Bay Regional Council Coronavirus rates rebate

As part of a $15 million stimulus package for the region, Council has introduced a $200 rates rebate to assist owners of residential owner-occupied properties who are experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you meet the criteria, a rebate of $100 will be applied to your rates account for the current quarter regardless of when you apply during the quarter. A second rebate of $100 will then automatically be applied to the rate notice issued in July 2020.

Only one rebate per quarter will be provided to each eligible property, regardless of the number of owners that may be eligible.

Check your eligibility

Applicants must:

  • own the property being claimed for.
  • be the owner-occupier (property is principal place of residence).
  • be eligible for the Federal Government's Coronavirus Supplement. Eligible income support payments are:
    • JobSeeker Payment (not JobKeeper Payment)
    • Partner Allowance
    • Widow Allowance
    • Sickness Allowance
    • Wife Pension (not age pension)
    • Youth Allowance
    • Austudy
    • Parenting Payment
    • Farm Household Allowance
    • Special Benefit.

If you are not in receipt of one of the above eligible income support payments, you are not eligible to receive Council's Coronavirus rates rebate. Further information on the Australian Government Coronavirus Supplement can be found on the Services Australia website.

If you are ineligible but are having difficulty paying your rates on time, Council can still help.

Step 2.Gather the necessary information

In order to apply you:

  • must be the person in receipt of the Coronavirus Supplement.
  • will require your Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN).

Step 3.Apply online

If you meet the eligibility criteria and have your CRN ready, fill in the application.

Apply now

Next steps

Once submitted you will receive an email confirming we have received your application within 24 hours (check your junk mail folder if not received in this time frame). Applications will be assessed in the order they are received. Council is expecting a high volume of applications and appreciates your patience as we work through these. If your eligibility is confirmed, the $100 rebate will be applied to your rates account for the current quarter. You will receive a response via email once the rebate has been applied.

Enter payment plan

Help if you are not eligible

If you are not eligible for the COVID-19 rates rebate, you can choose to set up a payment plan to pay your rates balance in instalments.

Step 2.Enter a payment plan

You must tell us:

  • your property address and contact details.
  • how often you will make payments and the amount you are able to pay.
  • or, if you are unable to pay.

Enter payment plan

More than one owner-occupier is receiving the coronavirus supplement, do we all apply?

Only one application is required by one owner per property.

What proof do I need to provide?

You will only need to enter your Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN), no additional proof is required.

Do I need to apply again next quarter?

The second instalment of $100 will be automatically applied next quarter (starting 1 July).

Does interest still accrue past due date?

Yes, rates that remain unpaid after the due date accrue interest at a rate of 9.83% per annum.

Can I get a rebate on my rental property?

COVID-19 Rates Rebate is only available for owner-occupier ratepayers. If you are having trouble paying your rates Council can still help.

I started a new job after I received the rate rebate, do I have to pay it back?

No. Your eligibility was assessed at the time of your application therefore you will receive the rebate for the period it is available.

 have a pension card, do I get the COVID-19 Rates Rebate?

Pensioners are not eligible for the COVID-19 Rates Rebate, however, you may be eligible for Pensioner Rebates.

 have received the COVID-19 Rates Rebate but I am having trouble paying my rates. Can I enter a payment plan?

Rebate recipients are also able to enter into a payment plan.

When will my payment plan expire?

Your payment plan will expire six months from the date you enter into the plan, unless you contact council to update us on current circumstances during this period.

What happens when my payment plan expires?

If you are still experiencing hardship at the end of the 6 month period, contact Council to discuss your situation and make further arrangements in relation to the payment of the outstanding balance.

Council is conscious of the ongoing hardship that is being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and is committed to assisting ratepayers through this difficult time.

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