No need to panic with fever clinics being set up at hospitals to manage COVID-19 cases

Queensland Health has strategies and plans in place to ensure we are well prepared for all COVID-19 scenarios, aligned with our state, interstate and federal counterparts.

Queensland Health spokesperson has confirmed the community can rest assured that all necessary work is going on to best prepare us if novel coronavirus becomes a pandemic.

Fever clinics are just one example of this. These clinics are designed to help manage community needs and separate potential cases of COVID 19 from the general waiting room of the Emergency Department.

COVID-19 cases and patients needing testing are managed by the Hospital and Health Services.

At this time, Queenslanders should not be alarmed about novel coronavirus, but aware and informed.

Our experienced team of experts have responded well to health emergencies in the past, and we will do it again.

If you have been overseas in the last 14 days and feel unwell please call 13HEALTH, your GP or local hospital to arrange an assessment.

Calling ahead to the GP surgery or hospital to let them know your symptoms and travel history helps them prepare for your arrival.

Anyone with concerns can call 13 HEALTH.

Fever clinics are available across the state. People who have been overseas, or have a fever and respiratory symptoms, should contact their doctor or 13HEALTH.

If an individual does need to go to a fever clinic, their doctor or clinician will direct them to which fever clinic they can attend.

We also have plenty of resources on our website that can assist your listeners/readers particularly:

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