Don’t flush wet wipes during toilet paper shortage

The current toilet paper shortage, also known as Toilet Paper Gate, has the potential to cause havoc in private plumbing.

The panic-buying of the three-ply due to the Coronavirus has left some resorting to using wet wipes instead.

Unitywater is urging the community not to flush anything other than the Three Ps down the toilet – pee, poo and toilet paper.

“We don’t mind what you wipe with, but if it’s not toilet paper, please ensure you put it in the bin,” Unitywater Executive Manager Customer Delivery Rhett Duncan said.

“We’ve heard of people cutting up old clothes or using newspaper, and while this might ‘do the job’, if you flush them down the toilet, you could cause blockages or sewage overflows in your home. Not only are these unpleasant, but can be expensive for homeowners to fix.

“Similarly, wet wipes, paper towels and tissues can create fatbergs or blockages when flushed and even if they say ‘flushable’, they don’t break down like toilet paper does. Please ensure they go in the bin.”

Mr Duncan said flushing items other than the Three Ps could also cause issues in the wider sewerage system.

“Unfortunately, we have to deal with blockages which not only damage our infrastructure and impact how it operates, but it also means we have to divert our crews from other important jobs across our systems.”

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