How can you help stop car theft: Chris Whiting

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How can you help stop car theft: Chris Whiting

Chris Whiting MP is encouraging our local community to consider advice from police about how they can help to drive down vehicle thefts.

“Police are providing our community with some important tools and tips to help prevent crime on our streets and in our homes,” said Chris Whiting.

“If you want to help prevent vehicle theft, Queensland Police have provided their Top Five tips to protect your vehicle.

“These are to always keep your vehicle locked and secured – even if you are only leaving it for a moment, keep the keys to your vehicle in a hidden location – not on the kitchen bench or a key rack, remove all valuables from the vehicle, consider installing a steering wheel lock, car alarm or immobiliser and consider installing a GPS tracking device with live monitoring.

“We all know that when it comes to crime, prevention is better than cure.

“This is why the Palaszczuk Government supports groups like Neighbourhood Watch, and provided Crime Stoppers with more than $3.4 million in funding.

“It’s those community based groups like Neighbourhood Watch and also Crime Stoppers that really assist the Queensland Police Service in preventing and solving crime.

“While Police do their best to catch those responsible for crime, we can all do our bit to help prevent it,” Chris Whiting said.