Consultation opens for Draft Outdoor Recreation Plan

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Consultation opens for Draft Outdoor Recreation Plan

To ensure our parks and recreation spaces keep pace with population growth over the next 20 years, Moreton Bay Regional Council has composed a new Draft Outdoor Recreation Plan.

Mayor Allan Sutherland said input from Moreton Bay Region residents must be the cornerstone of this important planning document and encouraged locals to have their say.

“Council has a leading role in providing access to outdoor recreation opportunities, from bush walking and mountain biking trails, to increasingly popular water activities,” he said.

“And we have a proud history of delivering these opportunities, having invested $396 million into sports and recreation, parks and the environment in the past five years.

“We don’t want to speculate about what locals want, we want them to tell us so we can ensure this strategy achieves its intended outcome and delivers on community expectations.”

Council Spokesperson for Planning and Development, Councillor Mick Gillam, said the Outdoor Recreation Plan identified current participation levels, existing network and future trends, while exploring specialist opportunities in the region.

“That in-depth understanding has placed us in a better position to identify gaps and potential opportunities in the plan, particularly where we can partner with land managers and work with local businesses on solutions to improve access to outdoor recreation across the region,” Councillor Gillam said.

“The economic benefits of outdoor recreation are estimated around $1 billion per annum for South East Queensland and noting that most activities are either free or involve a one-off cost like purchasing a mountain bike or a good pair of hiking boots — that’s real bang for your buck.”

Council Spokesperson for Parks and Recreation, Councillor Koliana Winchester, said participation in outdoor recreation benefited both the individual and the greater community.

“Unlike traditional sporting activities, you don’t need a costly membership for most outdoor recreation activities and you’re not locked into a rigid training and game schedule,” Councillor Winchester said.

“You can also choose to go kayaking or canoeing solo or in a group of friends and family, on a Monday morning or a Sunday afternoon — that’s the kind of flexibility we are all craving for in our busy lives.

“We want to encourage people to break free from the stress of life, slow down and escape into our natural areas— healthy and happier residents make for a stronger region.”

Consultation on Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Outdoor Recreation Plan will be open from Monday 26 August 2019 until Monday, 23 September 2019.

Residents can view the document online via the consultation page on council’s website or in hardcopy at council’s administration centres in Strathpine, Caboolture and Redcliffe.