Police launch new crime prevention campaign

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Police launch new crime prevention campaign

The Queensland Police Service today launched a new crime prevention campaign, aimed at changing Queenslander’s perspectives towards property crime.

This new campaign uses mixed media including the 360° format and flyers on social media to put users in a criminal’s perspective and point out every day behaviours which can increase the likelihood of Queenslanders falling victim to opportunistic crime.

Acting Inspector Joanna Stone, Manager of Crime Prevention Programs Unit said crime prevention was every Queenslander’s responsibility and campaigns such as this, allowed the QPS to educate around crime prevention habits.

“Police across the state have crime prevention at the forefront of their minds every day when interacting with Queenslanders,” Acting Inspector Stone said.

“Too often, property crime is the result of opportunistic criminals receiving a helping hand from unsuspecting Queenslanders, whether that be through a wallet left on the front seat of a car or a back door left unlocked.

“By refreshing these materials and pushing an interactive crime prevention tool, we can ensure that Queenslanders are alerted to, and taking basic security measures into consideration, each and every day.”

The following four topics will be covered during this campaign, along with a variety of other safety topics:

Vehicle security including valuables left in the car;

External home security;

Internal home security; and

Sneak offences where theft occurs when the resident is home.

Acting Inspector Stone said initiatives such as this were important to the QPS’ commitment to crime prevention.

“By exploring new technology, we are able to continue to connect Queenslanders and enhance crime prevention habits across the state,” Acting Inspector Stone said.

“I am confident this campaign will have a positive impact and help to shift perspectives and change Queenslander’s habits to ensure everyone does their part in reducing and preventing crime.”

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