Energex: It’s time to sign up for Safety Heroes

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Energex: It’s time to sign up for Safety Heroes

Energex is encouraging Queensland primary schools to register for the 2019 Safety Heroes program, which teaches students all about electricity.

Community Safety Manager Aaron Smith said Energex was aiming for a 100% participation rate after signing up 94% of schools last year.

“This is a fantastic educational initiative that encourages safe behaviour around electrical equipment and sparks children’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

“Schools that register will receive a range of free resources to engage students, including teaching materials aligned with the Queensland curriculum, interactive whiteboard lessons and a simple circuit kit for Year 6 students,” Mr Smith said.

The Safety Heroes program caters for Prep to Year 6 and prize packs are provided as an incentive for students to pay close attention to lessons that have the power to save lives.

“Children are surrounded by electrical equipment from a young age, so it’s important that they are aware of the potential hazards and how to stay safe around the home, at school and when they’re out and about.

“The students share what they’ve learnt with younger siblings and even parents can benefit from a reminder about the importance of electrical safety,” Mr Smith said.

Energex will be recruiting volunteers from within its ranks to present the Safety Heroes program at various Queensland schools during Electricity Safety Week from 2-6 September.

Brisbane North Area Manager Chris Graham shared some powerful tips with students last year.

“Being a part of the Safety Heroes program is an amazing experience. Safety around electricity is such an important thing for kids to learn about and to make that a fun and engaging experience for them is just brilliant.

“You can tell the kids are taking on the Safety Heroes message and that they will take that home with them to help their family and friends to stay safe. It really is rewarding to see how much these students get out of the event,” Mr Graham said.

Queensland primary schools have until 23 August to register by emailing safetyheroes@primary-pr.com or calling 07 3910 1052.  Every school that registers will receive a P-6 lesson booklet, a simple circuit kit, USB, prizes, stickers, posters, and more.