Council calls for tenders on project to save iconic red cliffs

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Council calls for tenders on project to save iconic red cliffs

Moreton Bay Regional Council is calling for tenders on a major project to stabilise a 360-metre section of Scarborough’s iconic red cliffs.

Naturally undermined and eroded over time, the area of affected cliff line stretches north from Scarborough Beach Park for about 360 metres, ending at the beach opposite the intersection of Landsborough Avenue and Fortune Street.

Council Spokesperson for Waterways, Canals and Foreshores, Adam Hain, said taking protective measures now would help reduce the risk of further destabilising erosion from encroaching into Landsborough Avenue immediately opposite this section of cliff.

“Our coastal engineers have been monitoring the cliff and have undertaken trials of protective methods to help stabilise the cliffs from further erosion,” Cr Hain said.

“Our research shows the best option is to place concrete reinforcements along the foot of the cliff face together with stabilising the upper cliff face and removing dangerously overhanging vegetation. Trials have been undertaken to select the right colour for the proposed sprayed concrete treatments, and a red colour additive has been chosen to blend in seamlessly with that of the surrounding cliff faces.

“Mother nature is a formidable force and we want the brightest minds in the business putting their hands up for this major project.”

Councillor for Division 5 James Houghton said the project had recently secured all relevant statutory approvals from the Queensland Government.

“Once the tender is awarded I’m hoping works will commence as quickly as possible,” Cr Houghton said.

“It’s paramount that we take action to protect the iconic namesake of the Redcliffe Peninsula.

“I speak for council and residents when I say we all want to see these beautiful red cliffs preserved for the enjoyment of future generations.”