Big boost to expansions at Caboolture Hospital set in Queensland Budget 2019-2020

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Big boost to expansions at Caboolture Hospital set in Queensland Budget 2019-2020

Caboolture Hospital is set to get a slice of the $850 Million dollar spend for the State Budget 2019-2020 for hospitals.

Its understood the Caboolture Hospital will get an upgrade, including new car park, however the car park will come with an additional pricetag for usage.

But the car parking will come at a price, with charges to apply for the first time, the price is believed to come in around $15 to $16 a day which will start when the new $46.61 million multi-storey facility eventually opens.

The Health Minister Steven Miles visited the Caboolture Hospital yesterday outlining the package.

The health Minister confirmed that business cases had been completed for both expansions, with builders to be engaged by the end of the year.

Queensland Health would also borrow $46.61 million to build the a Caboolture Hospital car park, with the fees charged to go towards repayments.

The car park is understood to come under the new government construction model, which will see Queensland Health borrow the funds required to build the car park and pay it off over time with parking fees,

There will be parking charges, but in these outer urban areas, those parking charges are kept to a minimum and that model of the government borrowing to invest allows us to deliver the cheapest possible option for car parking — 500 additional car parks here at Caboolture Hospital.

The Caboolture Hospital expansion includes a new emergency department, new intensive care unit, new operating theatres and an upgraded morgue among other additions.

All up the hospital will be expanded to include 130 new beds.