2500 reasons to be active and healthy

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2500 reasons to be active and healthy

Moreton Bay Regional Council is supporting residents seeking a healthier, more active lifestyle, adding more than 2500 free or low-cost activities to the Healthy and Active Moreton calendar between July-December 2019.

From surfing to parkour, gardening, orienteering, dance, cooking and everything in between – there’s an activity for all ages and experience levels.

Council Spokesperson for Parks, Recreation and Sport, Councillor Koliana Winchester, said council’s award winning Healthy and Active Moreton Program provides a positive avenue to get moving in a way that won’t hurt the hip pocket.

“The Healthy and Active Moreton program, which offers an exciting range of fitness, recreation and sporting activities and workshops took out the State’s Parks and Leisure Australia Community Based Initiative of the Year award for the Healthy and Active Moreton Club Support Initiative just last month,” she said.

“This is a great opportunity for people to try a new sport, learn new skills or explore our beautiful landscapes in an active and healthy way through this fantastic program.

“By subsidising these activities through Healthy and Active Moreton, we reduce the financial barrier that may be stopping residents from accessing healthier lifestyle choices.”

The Active Holidays Program will also keep the kids moving throughout the school holidays, offering a range of sport and recreation activities for children aged 3-17 years.

Bookings are open. Visit moretonbay.qld.gov.au/Healthy-Active to search your next adventure.