140,000 plants and trees for Nathan Road wetland

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140,000 plants and trees for Nathan Road wetland

Moreton Bay Regional Council has awarded a $609,000 tender to Evolve Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd to plant more than 140,000 plants and trees around a new wetland at Nathan Road to improve water quality.

Councillor for Division 5 James Houghton said the works would be carried out adjacent to the Nathan Road AFL sporting precinct in Rothwell.

“We’ve built this new wetland to manage stormwater run-off from surrounding residential properties and the sporting precinct, which is under construction and now we are adding the final touches by planting many different species of grasses, sedges and trees,” he said.

“It’s vital we continue to build quality infrastructure like sporting fields for our community but it’s equally important that we invest in protecting and enhancing our natural environment as well.

“It’s about balancing our growth and working to protect what we love about where we live.”

Cr Houghton said it was important for everyone to do their part in protecting local catchments and waterways.

“Often, it’s the little steps we take — like washing the car on the lawn or being conscious of how much plastic we use and where it goes — which make the biggest difference in the end.

Waterways Spokesperson Councillor Adam Hain said a three hectare wetland was constructed last August to manage water quality and stormwater runoff in the area.

“The wetland was initially turfed to enable on-going reed management and ensure the reeds were eradicated prior to planting,” he said.

Works are expected to commence next month 2019 and completed by the end of the year, weather permitting.