Changing perspectives on property crime – vehicle security

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Changing perspectives on property crime – vehicle security

Most car thefts, and theft from cars, are opportunistic in nature however, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of having your car stolen or broken into.

What you can do:

Park in well-lit and highly visibly areas whenever possible, utilising off street and secured parking.

When parking in a garage, ensure both the garage and vehicle are locked and the garage door remotes are secured.

Avoid marking your keys with personal or vehicle details including name, phone number or registration details.

Consider installing a car alarm or steering wheel lock to help protect your vehicle.

Use lockable devices to help keep your vehicle secure including lockable fuel caps, wheel nuts, spare tyre covers and roof racks.

Consider installing a remote engine immobiliser which meets Australian Standards.

Consider installing a GPS tracker to your vehicle.

Queensland Police Service encourages the use of anti-theft screws on number plates, to deter thieves. By using anti-theft screws, you can help reduce your risk of number plate theft.

Did you know?

The QPS runs events across the state to ‘turn the screws on crime’ and provide free anti-theft screws to be fitted to your number plate. To find out about events near you, contact your local Police Station or subscribe to your local myPolice site.

Good vehicle and key security habits are essential to maintaining your own security and safety.

Always lock your vehicle, including the boot and sunroof, and remember to fully close all windows.

Always keep your keys out of sight and never leave vehicle keys lying around on tables, benches, bedside tables or key hooks.

Remove keys from the ignition and lock your vehicle if your vehicle is parked or unattended; even if it’s only for a minute.

Never hide spare keys on or in the vehicle – thieves know where to look.

Remove all valuables and personal items when leaving your car unattended, or ensure they are out of sight.

Always take your vehicle keys with you whenever you are going out, even if you are leaving your vehicle at home.

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