Queensland Police Service Leads the state

The selection of Katarina Carroll as Queensland’s next Police Commissioner has shone a spotlight on the enduring culture of excellence within the Queensland Police Service.

It’s a culture that is producing leaders for other agencies in Queensland and the nation.

Ms Carroll has been the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service Commissioner since 2014, but before that she had a long and distinguished career with the QPS.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart asked Ms Carroll to take charge of the G20 Summit, with responsibility for protecting the world’s leaders.

The Summit proceeded without a hitch.

Commissioner Carroll’s subsequent appointment to head up Fire and Emergency Services heralded a new era of transformation and modernisation for the fire service.

But Commissioner Carroll is not the only QPS alumni to take on significant leadership roles in other agencies.

Look around Queensland and the nation and you will find a number of former QPS senior officers in prominent leadership positions.

Police Minister Mark said this was in no small part due to the work of current Police Commissioner Ian Stewart.

“Commissioner Stewart has fostered a culture that has seen the development of the QPS as a breeding ground for leaders.

“For example Commissioner Carroll had a long career with the QPS before she was appointed QFES Commissioner in 2014.

“Now she’s coming back to the QPS, soon to be the top cop!

“I thank Ian Stewart for his continued emphasis on bringing along the next generation of leaders from within QPS ranks.

“In a few months time when Commissioner Stewart hands over the baton to Commissioner Carroll, he’ll be handing it over to a steady pair of hands.

“We’ve been lucky to have a leader of the calibre of Commissioner Ian Stewart.

“And soon we will be fortunate to have Commissioner Katarina Carroll in charge of police.

“A leader committed to keeping Queensland safe,” Minister Ryan said.

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