Dogs and meter readers: Finding a solution to keep both happy!

If your meter reader can’t get to the box to read your meter because of your dog, the Palaszczuk Government has now got a solution to keep everyone happy.

Energex has launched a new, improved online service for customers who want to do self-meter reads.

“Your dog can be great for security or as a companion to the family, but sometimes they can be a real problem for the man or woman needing to read your electricity meter,” said Chris Whiting MP.

“There were 71 injuries to meter readers from dog bites, and 199 other incidents and close-calls between July 2017 and October 2018.

“And we know estimated meter read dates can be a source of frustration for customers.

“So our solution is that if a meter reader visited your property and access to your meter was restricted or unavailable, you can now login and submit your own read online that same day.

“Once the reading has been validated, the network business will pass it on to the customer’s electricity retailer,” said Chris Whiting.

While self-meter reads have long been an option for authorised customers in remote areas or on properties where meter access is challenging, online services will now be available to any account-holder who receives an estimated read or wants to avoid an estimate.

Customers wanting to submit self-meter reads can log onto and register for the service.

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