Australia Votes 2019 : Who is retiring at the 45th Parliament

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Australia Votes 2019 : Who is retiring at the 45th Parliament

With the end of the 45th Parliament with also goes the careers of several members who have retired, these seats will be contested with fresh faces and will be hotly contested.

Christopher Pyne South Australia (Liberal) Electorate: Sturt Elected: 1993 Margin: 5.4%

Wayne Swan Queensland (Labor) Electorate: Lilley, Elected: 1993, Margin: ALP 5.7%

Jacinta Collins Victoria (Labor) Senator for VIC, Appointed 1995, 2008

Jenny Macklin Victoria (Labor) Electorate: Jagajaga, Elected: 1996, Margin: ALP 5.0%

Julie Bishop West Australia (Liberal) Electorate: Curtin, Elected: 1998, Margin: 20.7%

Michael Danby Victoria (Labor) Electorate: Melbourne Ports, Elected: 1998, Margin: ALP 1.3%

Steve Ciobo Queensland (LNP) Electorate: Moncrieff, Elected: 2001, Margin: LNP 14.6%

Luke Hartsuyker NSW (Nationals) Electorate: Cowper, Elected: 2001, Margin: NAT 12.6%

Claire Moore Queensland (Labor) Senator for QLD, Elected: 2001

Nigel Scullion NT (Country Liberal Party) Senator for NT. Elected 2001

Kate Ellis South Australia (Labor) Electorate: Adelaide, Elected: 2004, Margin: ALP 9.0%

Michael Keenan West Australia (Liberal), Electorate: Stirling, Elected: 2004, Margin: 6.1%

Doug Cameron NSW (Labor) Senator for NSW, Elected: 2008

John Williams NSW (Nationals) Senator for NSW, Elected: 2008

Kelly O’ Dwyer Victoria (Liberal) Electorate: Higgins, Elected: 2009, Margin: 7.4%

Gai Brodtmann NSW (Labor) Electorate: Canberra, Elected: 2010, Margin: ALP 13.2%

Jane Prentice Queensland (LNP) Electorate: Ryan, Elected: 2010, Margin: LNP 8.8%

Andrew Broad Victoria (Nationals) Electorate: Mallee, Elected: 2013, Margin: 19.8%

Craig Laundy NSW (LNP) Electorate: Reid, Elected: 2013, Margin: LNP 4.7%

David Leyonhjelm NSW (LDP), Senator for NSW, Elected: 2013

Cathy McGowan Victoria (Indep) Electorate: Indi, Elected: 2013, Margin: 5.5%

Ann Sudmalis NSW (Liberal) Electorate: Gilmore, Elected: 2013, Margin: LNP 0.7%

Barry O’Sullivan Queensland (Nationals) Senator for QLD, Elected: 2014

Emma Husar NSW (Labor) Electorate: Lindsay, Elected: 2016, Margin: ALP 1.1%