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Take a moment from your busy day and say hello to your neighbour.

 Celebrated on Sunday 31 March, Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Allan Sutherland said Neighbour Day was a fantastic initiative to keep neighbourhoods connected.

 “Knowing our neighbours can help us to feel like we belong and contribute to a happier neighbourhood for everyone,” he said.

 “By getting to know your neighbour, you create support during tough times as well as opportunities to try a new cuisine, learn a new language or tradition to even receiving good travel tips.

 “You can do many things to get to know your neighbour whether that’s having a cuppa together, a picnic to even hosting a neighbourhood event at a local park.”

 To celebrate Neighbour Day, a free signature event will be held at North Lakes on Saturday, March 30 featuring acclaimed social researcher and bestselling author, Hugh Mackay.

 We all belong to many different communities – families, workplace, clubs, faith communities and schools but the neighbourhood is a special case: it’s the only community where we are obliged to get along with people we didn’t choose to live with, and who might be very different from us,” Mr Mackay said.

 “Neighbour” is therefore a special dimension of our role as citizens. As neighbours, we need to adopt the deeply civilising discipline of compassion – learning to treat everyone with kindness and respect, even if we don’t like them much, and especially if we disagree with them!

 “I have been blest with kind neighbours in most of the places I’ve lived – most recently, in Canberra, one neighbour has helped me install a retractable hose, using his power tools; another drove my wife to hospital in a medical emergency; another has prepared meals for us on several occasions during my wife’s recent illness.”

For more information on hosting your own Neighbour Day event visit

Hugh Mackay’s presentation and  Q & A on ‘Why Neighbourhoods Matter’ is free  but bookings are required. Book online by visiting or at any library. The event will be followed by a book-signing.



Level 2, The Corso North Lakes

Sat 30 March 10am-12noon

Doors open at 9.30am

Photos Below : Irene Schynol (far left) with Kay Chittendon and Ivey Rowbotham, 5.  Irene turned her empty front garden into a fairy garden with help from her neighbours at Burpengary.

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