Police target hooning in Moreton Bay Region and Queensland

Police are taking strong action to tackle hooning on the Sunshine Coast.

It’s both a strategic and collaborative approach that combines multiple strategies to change driver behaviour.

Minister for Police, Mark Ryan, said police on the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay region are working with local council and Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and are using enforcement, speed amelioration and safety messaging to drive change.

“There are specific strategies that include the creation of a special area speed limit for Mooloolaba, in conjunction with the approval of four additional speed camera sites to monitor that area, and the use of Visual Message Signage to display road safety messages.” Minister Ryan said.

“Operation Hoon was a joint run operation by police and TMR to enhance motorist awareness and compliance in the Maroochydore area.

“I understand that 71 Traffic Infringement Notices were issued by the QPS during this operation.

“The QPS has advised that strategies, such as Operation Hoon, have seen a reduction in complaints by the community with regards to poor driver behaviour.

“They are making our streets safer.

“Police will continue to undertake proactive strategies, including further anti-hooning operations, to address and target poor driver behaviour across the Sunshine Coast to maintain safety on the state’s road network.”

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