Moreton Bay Regional Council : Wildlife, driver safety

Moreton Bay Regional Council has rolled out new koala zone stencils at Warner and Joyner to improve safety for drivers and wildlife.


Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Division 9 Mike Charlton said the road stencils at Lilley Road and Kremzow Road at Warner and Youngs Crossing Road at Joyner was part of Council’s Green Infrastructure Network’s program.


“These stencils are marked in high-risk wildlife-vehicle crash zones,” he said.


“Wildlife can move fast and be extremely unpredictable so it’s hoped these stencils will increase driver awareness to slow down.” 


Asset Construction and Maintenance Spokesperson Councillor Adam Hain said 40 roads across the region have been identified and prioritised for wildlife stencil treatment.


“Stencils have already been applied to:


  • Francis Road and Bells Pocket Road at Lawnton
  • Diamond Jubilee Way at Northlakes
  • Donnybrook Road at Donnybrook
  • Lindsay Road at Morayfield
  • Torrens Road at Kurwongbah


“Wildlife vehicle collisions often occur where roads cross well-vegetated wildlife habitat corridors,” he said.


Spokesperson for Planning and Development Division 8 Councillor Mick Gillam said while it was important for development to occur in the region, it was equally important to uphold community and wildlife safety.


“We need to support the growth of the region and see it flourish well into the future, but it’s also important that we balance our growth and work to protect what we love about where we live,” Cr Gillam said.


“Council’s Green Infrastructure Network’s program was created for that reason to support the region’s green spaces over the next 20 years.”

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