New Water Treatment Plant a win for Linville

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington says the Linville community has finally been heard with a new Water Treatment Plant to be built in the town.


Mrs Frecklington said the Linville community have been extremely patient since the previous plant was shut down following the 2013 floods.


“I have been asking SeqWater for years when the new Plant would be constructed, and all we have seen is delay after delay,” Mrs Frecklington said.


“Originally, I was told it would be re-constructed in 2016. Instead, the Labor Government have been trucking water into the township every day and people rightly want to know what this has cost taxpayers.


“It’s great to finally have this win for Linville, but I’ll be asking the Labor Government more questions when Parliament returns on 12th February, including the cost-to-date of water cartage and why Linville has had to wait so long for a secure water supply.


“The community of Linville deserve a medal for the patience they have shown in waiting seven years for this new plant,” Mrs Frecklington said.


“It’s typical though for this city-centric Labor Government to always put regional projects to the bottom of the list. They certainly wouldn’t have left people in Brisbane wait seven years for a proper supply water,” Deb said.

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