Neighbourhood watch with a new twist is becoming the new normal in 2019

It is social media, which is changing how we interact with our neighbours, friends and even family members.

So can you recall the the last time you had a face-to-face chat with your neighbour; perhaps you asked them to check your mail or take your wheelie bin out when you're on holidays?

With apartment living, social media and non-traditional working hours forming cornerstones of modern life, it's not unusual that many people would have little interaction with those living closest to them.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the national Neighbourhood Watch program encouraged people to get to know each other in the interest of keeping their communities safe.

Those days are probably over in the traditional sense.

Welcome 2019 and it seems we have moved into the technological age big time and social media is certainly now a huge part of Neighbourhood Watch.

The new normal is If one our neighbours hears a noise or there's someone hanging around outside their property, they send a message on WhatsApp and we all get it straight away.

Whoever is home and available can go out and take a look and make sure everything is OK.

While the internet is great at connecting people at a minutes notice, when there is an outage and connection is lost old fashioned methods have to be employed.

While its true we live in a busy world, unfortunately and even with technology and our love of it, nothing beats a face to face chat.

Neighbourhood Watch was originally brought in for — for neighbours to communicate with each other, to keep an eye out for each other.

So it is the new breed of Neighbourhood Watch groups are employing both methods of digital and face to face get to know each other methods.

Elimbah is about to get a Neighbourhood Watch and hopefully that will keep the conversation going.

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