Create and Explore through APT9 Kids on Tour

Build patterns and designs from X-ray images and explore interactive artworks in council’s latest offering, APT9 Kids on Tour.


The program runs in conjunction with the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art’s exhibition The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT9) and includes a number of activities that explore key themes of life and natural resources, the importance of community and storytelling.


Spokesperson for Lifestyle and Amenity Denise Sims encouraged young people not to miss the opportunity to explore their artistic side by learning techniques practised by international artists.


“There’s no right and wrong answer when it comes to art, so this exhibition is really a fantastic way for kids to capitalise on their creative side and create interesting pieces using techniques developed by inspiring artists,” Cr Sims said.


“The best part about this exhibition is that kids will come to understand the special connections to the piece they are creating through the life experience of the artist.


“A fantastic example is an art project by Nona Garcia who grew up in Manila and became fascinated by X-rays at a small hospital run by her parents.


“The medical imaging technique represented one of her first remarkable  experiences of looking at things in a different way.


“As part of the APT9 Kids on Tour, kids have the opportunity to form designs through a selection of paper X-rays with images of sea coral and animal bones.


“The horns, skulls and teeth symbolising the transitory nature of life.”


APT9 Kids on Tour is free QAGOMA Touring program available to regional Queensland communities, with thanks to generous support from The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation.


APT9 Kids on Tour will be held across the region’s galleries and museums until early February.


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