Coastal and Tributary residents in Moreton Bay Residents urged to prepare for the king tide

Residents living by the seaside are being urged to prepare for king tides, predicted to affect areas of the Moreton Bay Regional Council and The Sunshine Coast Regional Council from next week.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council has warned areas such as White Patch, Banksia Beach, Bongaree, Scarborough and Toorbul as well as some inland waterways could be affected.

Coastal areas in these locations may experience some impacts associated with the king tide this is including road inundation to happen between Sunday, January 20 and Friday, January 25, 2019.

High tides list: Sunday January 20, 9:05 am (2.63m); 9:14 pm (1.96m), Monday 9:53 am (2.72m); 10:07 pm (2.00m) , Tuesday 10:41am (2.77m); 10:57 pm (2.03m), Wednesday 11:27 am (2.76m); 11:47 pm (2.05m) , Thursday 12:13 pm (2.68m) ,  Friday 12:37 am (2.04m); 12:58 pm(2.53m),  Saturday 1:29 am (2.02m); 12:58 pm (2.53m).

Boaties are also encouraged to be vigilant, as a number of issues may arise due to the extreme high tides, to which you are responsible to foresee.  

This includes the removal small personal watercraft like kayaks and canoes from the water, avoid crossing flooded roads and monitor local conditions.

You should also ensure you double check that your vessel is permanently moored, that all ropes are secure and to check them regularly.

Boats that break their moorings may  cause considerable damage and loss to other boats and property in the area.

Also ensure that tenders or kayaks etc are stored on the waters edge make sure they are secured or moved to higher ground.

For more information about flood mapping and how to prepare your property go to council’s website at

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