Tenants Queensland launches new resource to support domestic and family violence workers

Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, The Honourable Di Farmer, will today launch Tenants Queensland’s new tenancy toolkit aimed at supporting domestic and family violence workers working with women escaping violent situations.
Tenants Queensland (TQ) CEO Penny Carr said the integrated online tenancy toolkit had been developed to provide a range of relevant information on tenancy law and procedures around assisting women affected by domestic violence to start, stay or leave homes in the private rental market.
“The toolkit helps domestic and family violence professionals with pertinent information so they can directly assist their own clients with rental market issues,” said Ms Carr.
“If their DFV support worker can also assist them with arising rental market issues, it saves those women having to be referred on to another service to gain that knowledge.  
“This is crucial support at a very difficult time. Finding a place to live, or making the place they live in safe, in some cases means the difference between being housed and being homeless.

“The more we can assist providers helping those women and children experiencing violence, the more we can help them sustain appropriate housing, prevent them unfairly being listed on a tenancy database or prevent them slipping into homelessness.
“Christmas is a pressure cooker time for families as many struggle to cover routine costs and domestic violence services typically report increasing demand.
“With vulnerable women most at risk, we are gratified to be able to offer this resource in time for the end of the year.”
Information on the toolkit includes:

  • Information on starting a tenancy – including application to rent, tenancy database listings, fixed and periodic tenancy agreements, finances at the start of a tenancy agreement and discrimination issues.
  • A comprehensive guide to staying in a tenancy – including installing security features and safety upgrades, injury or damage affecting tenants, damage to the rental property and liability, failure to pay rent, locks and keys and tenant security. 
  • Advice on leaving a tenancy – including abandoning a tenancy, goods and documents left behind after a tenancy ends, termination by tenant due to excessive hardship, application to QCAT for urgent hearing to terminate tenancy, disputing a database listing.
  • An interactive guide for tenants affected by domestic and family violence with information on starting, staying and leaving a tenancy presented in an easy-to-understand format using animated visual data. 
  • Information on the relevant forms for the Residential Tenancies Authority and preparing for a QCAT hearing.
  •  Processes around court proceedings and domestic and family violence orders.

Click here to view the domestic violence toolkit https://tenantsqld.org.au/dv-toolkit/

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