Moreton Bay Regional SES Unit named Regional Unit of the Year

Moreton Bay’s SES Unit was named Brisbane Region SES Regional Unit of the Year at the Emergency Services Complex in Kedron last weekend.

Moreton Bay Region Mayor Allan Sutherland praised the local unit of their continued efforts in outstanding performance in Unit administration and dedication to continuous improvement in the training and development of its volunteer members.

 “The wild weather over the weekend was a perfect example of what the SES is called to respond to and the expert job they do,” Mayor Sutherland said.

 “More than 40 requests for assistance were received from residents across the Moreton Bay Region on the weekend to leaking roofs and fallen trees on rooftops.

“I want to extend my congratulations to the men and women who put their life on the line to help those in need.”

 Chair of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Local Disaster Management Group Cr Peter Flannery said the Brisbane Region SES Week awards recognise the achievements of SES volunteers and units who have gone above and beyond in the course of duty.

 “This award confirms what locals have long known, that Moreton Bay is home to some of the most professional and community-minded SES volunteers in the country,” he said.

 “Their outstanding response to Cyclones Debbie and Oswald are testament to their prowess and a reminder of the critical importance local volunteers play in times of disaster.”

 “I join the community in congratulating Moreton Bay Region SES on their success and thank them for their invaluable contribution to protecting local lives - they have truly earned this prestigious accolade.”

 Mayor Sutherland said in addition to the Moreton Bay SES Unit taking out the Brisbane Region SES Unit of the Year a number of local SES volunteers were also recognised for their exceptional efforts during severe weather events; they include:

 Regional Member of the Year:  Julie-Anne Jacobson, Petrie SES Group – for distinguished service to the SES through contribution to the VCE Program, in addition to Unit and Group administration, training and development.

 SES Week Certificates:

  1. Shane Jones, Caboolture Group – for special contribution to the SES through providing professional and timely support, guidance and mentoring to members and the wider community.
  2. Janette Wilson – for special contribution to the SES through commitment to the welfare of all members of the Bribie Island SES Group.
  3. Clint Fullgrabe – for outstanding contribution to the SES through a positive approach and commitment to training.

 SES Assistant Commissioner Certificate of Appreciations: 

  1. Janette Dwyer, Bribie Island Group – for contribution to the Bribie Island State Emergency Service Group and promoting the SES through ‘Dance Boss’.

 National and Meritorious Service Medals:

  1. John Davis, Redcliffe Group – National Medal 3rd clasp (45 years of service – 35 years with NSW Rural Fire and 10 years with QSES)
  2. Kristopher Conroy, Bribie Island Group – National Medal and Meritorious Service 1st clasp (15 years)
  3. Russell Wall, Redcliffe Group – Meritorious Service 6th clasp (40 years)
  4. Desley Jones, Redcliffe Group – Meritorious Service 2nd clasp (20 years)
  5. Hans Lyrstedt, Arana Hills Group – Meritorious Service 2nd clasp (20 years)
  6. Julian Oldham, Arana Hills Group – Meritorious Service 1st clasp (15 years)
  7. Malcolm Frahm, Woodford Group – Meritorious Service 1st clasp (15 years)
  8. Penelope Hales, Bribie Island Group – Meritorious Service Medal (10 years)
  9. Stuart Garry, Arana Hills Group – Meritorious Service Medal (10 years)
  10. Sandra Bartlett, Arana Hills Group – Meritorious Service Medal (10 years)
  11. Graham Bartlett, Arana Hills Group – Meritorious Service Medal (10 years)

 The Moreton Bay Region SES Unit has 7 SES groups with the following response roles to assist the community and other agencies: Severe Storm Operations, Flood Operations, Land Search Operations and Agency Support where MBR SES provides support to Queensland Police Service, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Queensland Ambulance Service.

 Mayor Sutherland reminded residents it was storm season and encouraged everyone to be prepared.

“By preparing better before disaster hits, you’ll help take the strain off our volunteers during the emergency response period so that our local SES crews can focus on those who need help most.”

Checklist: How ready are you? A few simple steps can help you get ready.

  • Know the risks – think about the risks in your local area. How could a cyclone, severe storm, flood or bushfire impact you?
  • Prepare your family – prepare an emergency plan about how to respond to local risks, including an emergency kit of essential items including a torch, battery operated radio and spare food and water (for at least three days).
  • Prepare your property – check your gutters, roof, and insurance for house and other property. Get to know your neighbours and see if you can work together to get ready.
  • Stay alert – tune in to warnings with MoretonAlert (register at or call council 3205 0555), listen to radio updates or log onto the Bureau of Metereology’s website.
  • Take action – activate your emergency plan, locate your emergency kit, secure loose items and if you are evacuating do so early and check road conditions before setting off.

Council encourages residents to ensure that any preparedness activities they undertake in and around property boundaries adhere to council’s bi-laws.

For more information: and

Photo above:  Regional SES Unit of the Year:

Front row (left to right) - John Davis, Dean Welsh, Julie-Anne Jacobson, Henk van den Ende, Janette Dwyer, Janette Wilson, Russell  Wall, Penelope Hales.

Back row (left to right) - Stuart Garry, Alan Peterson, Malcolm Frahm, Damian Reid, Julian Oldham, Kristopher Conroy, Shane Jones.

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