A new multi-million landfill for Bunya

Moreton Bay Regional Council has awarded a tender worth more than $2 million to construct a new 820,000m3 landfill cell for waste disposal at the Bunya Waste Management facility.


Councillor for Division 10 Matt Constance said the new cell would be large enough to fit 328 Olympic swimming pools.


“This new landfill cell, the sixth for Bunya, will have the capacity to accept waste for the next 14 years,” he said.


“This will help our growing region ensure that we’re able to better manage waste disposal into the future.”


Cr Constance said to manage rainwater runoff the new cell would be fitted with a geosynthetic clay liner, which will protect groundwater from contamination, in addition to new catchment ponds fitted with leachate collection systems. 


“These features will ensure we continue to provide good environmental outcomes for the stormwater runoff, as we have achieved with the other five landfill cells.


“An impermeable layer will be placed on top of the ground water system to eliminate any potential interaction between waste and leachate and the ground water.”


Cr Constance said landfill gas collection pipelines will also be installed to feed a new green power station, which is currently under construction at the Bunya Waste Management Facility.


Works will kick off this month and take six months to complete, weather permitting.

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