Permits to burn suspended as Fire Danger Rating (FDR) rises

With a heightened fire danger forecast for the Brisbane region this weekend, residents are being asked to familiarise themselves with the Fire Danger Rating (FDR) system as the potential for bushfire activity increases.

Extra firefighters will be on standby and all permits to burn have been suspended as of 6am Saturday, 11 August until further notice. 

Rural Fire Service (RFS) Brisbane Region Acting Superintendent Konrad Sawczynski said extremely dry conditions coupled with a lack of rain on the horizon meant Brisbane’s FDR was likely to rise to Very High on Sunday. 

“The FDR is an early indicator of potential danger and it should be the first trigger for action,” Mr Sawczynski said.

“Each rating should prompt a different type of action – the higher the FDR, the greater the need for you to act.

“It is important that residents are aware of the FDR each day and know what action they will take in the event of a bushfire.”

There are six levels of FDR, ranging from ‘Low-Moderate’ to ‘Catastrophic’ that take into account forecast temperatures, humidity, wind speed and dryness of vegetation.

If the FDR is ’Low-Moderate’, ‘High’ or ‘Very High’ Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) recommends that residents check their bushfire survival plan, monitor conditions and listen to local news broadcasts for any fire updates.
“It is vital to revise your bushfire survival plan if the FDR reaches ‘Severe’,” Mr Sawczynski said. 

“In the event of a fire breaking out under ‘Severe’ fire conditions, well prepared homes which are actively defended can provide safety. 

“If you are not prepared to actively defend your home or your home is not prepared, leaving bushfire prone areas early in the day is the safest option.”
During days with ‘Extreme’ fire danger ratings, residents in bushfire-prone areas should only consider staying at their property if they are prepared to the highest level. 

“Your home needs to be constructed or modified to withstand a bushfire and you must be able to actively defend your home if a fire starts,” Mr Sawczynski said “If you are not prepared to the highest level, leaving high-risk bushfire areas early in the day is your safest option.”

Under ‘Catastrophic’ conditions a fire will burn so fast and hot that it will be uncontrollable and unpredictable. Homes are not designed to withstand fires burning in these conditions so, if a fire does start, leaving early is the only option for your survival.
“The forecast Very High FDR is not uncommon for this time of year, however it could increase later this month and beyond as vegetation dries out further,” Mr Sawczynski explained.  

“Firefighters on the ground have been briefed and know what to do, however we rely on the community to assist us in our efforts by notifying us of any bushfire activity. 

“We need residents to report any bushfire to Triple Zero (000) immediately, as the sooner crews are on scene, the quicker we can contain the fire.” 
FDR signs are in various areas across greater Brisbane and provide a snapshot of what the bushfire danger rating is and how vigilant residents should be.

The daily fire danger rating graphic is available here:

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