Energex: Keep warm without the risk

With winter officially here many of us will be dragging heating appliances and electric blankets out of storage in the coming days and weeks.


Unfortunately, all too frequently these appliances can become damaged when packed away for long periods.


According to Energex’s Executive General Manager for Distribution Paul Jordon damaged heating appliances can pose significant safety risks such as fire and electrocution hazards.


“In Queensland electrical appliances such as heaters and electric blankets spend most of their life packed away in cupboards or in the shed and only plugged in during the coldest winter nights,” Mr Jordon said.


“The problem is these appliances can sustain damage while in long-term storage and when plugged in can cause house fires, electric shock injuries or worse.


“So we’re urging people to check their appliances for frayed cords, exposed wires or any other obvious damage before plugging them in.


“If the appliance is damaged in any way either have it repaired by a qualified technician or simply throw it out because the life of a family member is worth much more than the $30 you can replace some of these items for.”


Other winter heating safety tips suggested by Mr Jordon include:


  • Switching heaters and electric blankets off before leaving a room or going to sleep, and ensuring youngsters are never left unsupervised with these appliances running.


  • Keeping heaters well away from combustible items such as curtains, clothes or furniture.


  • Never using heaters in wet areas such as bathrooms.


  • Making sure heaters cannot be knocked over by people or pets.


  • Ensuring heating appliances are stored in dry area and away from vermin when not in use.


More tips are available from the Energex website www.energex.com.au/safety

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