What is a vote worth, if it's not counted correctly ?

Election done and dusted and its off to the count, they say in politics a week is a long time but in the count its usually done and dusted in the first 24 hours by and large after the last vote is cast.

The focus is now on the Electoral Commission of Queensland, with Labor on the cusp but not quite there, wanting so much to declare victory.

Politics was given a rude shock in a pause of proceedings, sensationally mid-week it was revealed that the official count by the ECQ and its two party preferred result designed to give the media something to talk about was flawed.

Out of nowhere that focus became the news item from the new spotlight the state electorate of Glasshouse.

The One Nation candidate Tracey Bell-Henselin eagle eyed scrutineers picked up something wasn’t right and asked a question, with regard to results based on the two party preferred as to whether these results were correct or not.

These scrutineers with their probing, eventually saw the two party preferred results quietly disappeared from the ECQ  election results website and only raw results were showing instead.

Apparently its been revealed that the results were being calculated in error, using the 2 Party Preferred result based only on Labor vs LNP and not who came first and who came second, this immediately caused the election count being forced into a recount.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland spokeswoman saying a final count won’t now be available until after all postal votes are returned next Tuesday.

Two big questions need to be asked and rightly so is, did the ECQ simply forget that voters now have to put a number in every square of every candidate?.

With the rules changing to mandatory preferential voting, was there not a briefing before the election to the officials managing the count in every electorate, on just how to treat each vote?.

If it was not for the scrutineers, no one would be any the wiser, so with the above questions, if the answer is yes, confidence in the ECQ and the election procedures, voters in Queensland  might form another, not so favourable opinion.

Take then the perspective of those taking part in the election itself, One candidate Mr Rodney Hansen in the Morayfield Electorate wanted to question the manager of the Morayfield Election counting centre and promptly called the number on his electoral papers a 1300 number which was a direct line to the Brisbane Central headquarters for the ECQ and not the manager of the electorate as was supposed to happen.

Mr Hansen said “only to be told they did not have the direct phone number for the manager, and that only amounted to a run around in circles” and no answer to his questions.

What about that pre-election hype on the sheer number of seats One Nation was poised to win, was that media hype, clever promotions leveraging between the parties or simply silent hope?

One Nation lost one seat and gained another and according the numbers so far they attracted some 13 percent of the vote.

In the end the scrutineers and polling officials are still counting and the public still agonisingly await the result, perhaps by Tuesday your vote will finally be counted.

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