Seath Holswich: More police needed on the beat to keep Pine Rivers neighbourhoods safe

Independent Candidate for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich, is calling on major political parties to take community safety seriously in Pine Rivers by providing additional police officers to the region.


Mr Holswich’s call comes following a recent spike in vehicle break and enters in Warner, where a new Neighbourhood Watch group has been formed in response to recent crime.


“Our local police do an outstanding job, but we know they are always stretched too thin and simply don’t have the resources to meet public expectations.”


“It was disappointing and frankly appalling that this year’s State Budget only offered up an additional twenty police officers statewide during the 2017-18 financial year.” *


“Resourcing the Queensland Police Service with additional officers and resources needs to be at least keeping pace with population growth in Queensland. Twenty additional officers is an insult.”


“As I prepare to decide which parties I will preference in Pine Rivers at the upcoming election, I want to know what each party will do for community safety and law and order in Pine Rivers.”


“We’ve had enough “getting tough on crime” rhetoric from the major parties – it’s time they put their cards on the table and let us know exactly how they will keep Pine Rivers safe if they form government.”

* (page 5: “an additional 30 Counter-Terrorism police officers, 20 police officers for priority areas of need to tackle crime and improve community safety, and 20 police officers for the Townsville Rapid Action and Patrols Group.”

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